Selected Open Source Projects GitHub User's stars

(Excluding open-source code for research papers.)

  1. PyTorch core developer (v020 2017 - v100 2020; team size <10) GitHub Repo stars
    Data loading, CUDA/CPU kernels, ML ops, API design, autograd optimization, Python binding, etc.

  2. CycleGAN and pix2pix in PyTorch maintainer (2018-now) GitHub Repo

  3. torchreparam developer (2019-2020) GitHub Repo stars
    One of the earliest PyTorch toolkits to re-parametrize neural nets (e.g., for hyper-nets and meta-learning).

  4. Awesome-Dataset-Distillation maintainer (2022-now) GitHub Repo
    Collection of Dataset Distillation papers in machine learning and vision conferences.

  5. torchqmet developer (2022-now) GitHub Repo stars
    PyTorch toolkit for SOTA quasimetric learning.